About us

Skoot Freo’ came about from the vision of a local ‘Freo’ blended family of 10 kids. Yes….you read that correctly….10 KIDS!!!

Dave and Rochelle, local cafe owners of the Carriage Coffee Shop on the Esplanade Park (right in front of the Esplanade Youth Plaza Skate Park) saw the growing need for the locals and tourists, both kids and adults, to have easier access (within the area and close to the skate park) to high quality scooters, parts and accessories. Situated directly across the road from EYP, on the corner of Marine Terrace and Henry Street, ‘Skoot Freo’ does just that.

We also boast 7 free charging stations with a multitude of plug-in points for those times you need YOUR PHONE TO STAY IN TOUCH or simply CHARGE UP YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES FOR FILMING THOSE AMAZING STUNTS so pop on in, say hello and check us out! Catch ya soon!

Rochelle, Dave and all the kids 🙂